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Episode 60 (Director Series): Vetri Maaran’s Asuran

In our final episode in the Vetri Maaran series we are joined by lawyer and fellow film fan @subjudiced to discuss how Vetri Maaran weaves the personal stories of Poomani’s Vekkai into a tapestry of social commentary. The film spurred a discussion on some of the grave injustices that have been meted out to Dalit communities through the poor allocation / misappropriation of what is guaranteed to them by law.


  1. Arvind Narayanan K R Arvind Narayanan K R

    The 5th Movie of Vetri Maaran , was his shortest which has lot of techinical problems, something’s that we usually don’t associate with his movies as it was rushed agaist his usual slow paced shooting.
    This podcast was something where I learnt about the land allocations and the politics behind it.

    What interested me in Asuran was it’s screenplay with was a adaptation of yesteryear’s blockbuster Movie – Basha. We have seen so many Basha themed movies like Jaana, Gajendran, but thet copied the plot and the screenplay, whereas here Vetri used a totally different story and brilliantly adapted the screenplay. The whole first half is Synonimus to how Manikkam and Sivaswamy were downplaying their past and trying to lead a calm life, even when their relatives are troubled (Brother in first and Son in second) , but at the interval point when they see that this calm cannot be the way to handle problem, their past character takes a rebirth to get them out of it.

    Has anyone percived this movie the way I did? Would like to know…

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