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Episode 59 (Director Series): Vetri Maaran’s Vada Chennai & Aishwarya Rajesh Interview

Continuing with our Director focus on Vetri Maaran, we talk about his 2018 film Vada Chennai. Not only mythical in its approach but also somewhat mythical in its inception, making, release etc considering the talk about the film started in the early 2010s and the film finally released in October 2018. We are not done with it yet. The sequels are coming. Or so one hopes.

Bonus: We have a special guest joining us later in the episode – actress Aishwarya Rajesh who plays Padma in the film. She talks about her role, her audition and the stellar career she has had so far. Listen on.

Aishwarya Rajesh Interview from 45:45 minutes.


  1. Arvind Narayanan K R Arvind Narayanan K R

    A really nice Podcast conversation of this brilliant film. The use of Political events as a tool to reference for the timeline is why this movie is very close to me and my liking towards this movie made sure this is the first podcast I got to listen from the Banana group.

    Got to know few interesting things about the carrom coin colour and it’s parallel with Anbu’s character and the Character of Guna who is the fool and can be triggered by anyone. Interestingly in the begining of the film, it is explained that Velu is the person who plans everything for Guna, which shows he isn’t the Alpha.

    one other interesting thing which I felt you folks might have missed is the M.O. of how Rajan gets stabbed by Jawa Palani and Senthil, Anbu stabs Palani and Senthi in the exact same way. infact, when Palani stabs Rajan, he says “Kuthala na ne enna kuthiruviye” which is repeated by Anbu when he stabs Palani.

    Additionally Shankar is name of the brother of Guna, not shiva ;), and just like everyone, I’m so eagerly waiting for the next phase of this movie and hope it can be through a Web Series so we get the complete essence of it.

    • tlc_admin tlc_admin

      Thanks for listening Arvind and great parallel in terms of how the stabbing is executed!

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