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On Jeyamohan with Translators Priyamvada & Suchitra

We are back with an episode on literature.

On this episode writers and translators ⁠Priyamvada⁠ and ⁠Suchitra⁠ join ⁠Deepauk⁠ and ⁠Aditya⁠ to talk about Tamil author and screenplay writer Jeyamohan, and their translations of his works. Priyamvada’s translation of Aram titled Stories of the True was published last year. Suchitra’s translation of Ezhaam Ulagam titled The Abyss came out couple of months ago. We talk to them about their journey through Tamil literature from readers to translators, Jeyamohan’s influence, his place in the larger canon of Tamil literature, his politics and their experience translating two of his important works.

Jeyamohan’s Blog: ⁠

Link to Stories of the True: ⁠

Link to The Abyss: ⁠⁠

Link to Jeyamohan’s interview on Scroll by Suchitra and Priyamvada: ⁠

Suchitra and Priyamvada’s initiative Mozhi to bring together literature from different Indian languages: ⁠

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