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Episode 94: Ilaiyaraaja : A Musical Movement (7)

In this episode we dive into the various forms of western classical music explored by Ilaiyaraaja, especially in his independent non-film albums. We focus specifically on the concerto form and how the Nothing But Wind album utilizes this form to highlight the virtuoso flautist Hariprasad Chaurasia.

Topics Covered:

What are forms and how do we talk about them when discussing music?

What is the historical context of Indian music being fused with western forms?

The concerto, its various components and how the great composers of the west have utilized this form

How does the concerto get used in Ilaiyaraaja’s Nothing But Wind?




Bala Chidambaram

Musical References:

Composers breath

Ravishankar and George Harrison

Beatles and Yehudi Menuhin

Mahavishnu orchestra

Vivaldi 4 seasons Concerto

Beethoven Violin Concerto (Perlman)

Beethoven Violin Concerto (Hilary Hahn)

Ravishankar London Philharmonic Concerto

Sangeetha Megam

Unsuk Chin – Cello Concerto

Singing Self

Ravishankar at (Woodstock)

John McLaughlin & Shakti

Summer Storm – Presto

Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto

Brahms Double Concerto (for Tutti)


Raaja in Podhigai TV

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