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Episode 6: Usthad Hotel

The Cabal goes a little more mainstream this week exploring the 2012 Malayalam hit Usthad Hotel. Bit of a guilty pleasure, this film brought some varied reactions from the group. But we could all agree on one thing – Dulquer and Thilakan were excellent!

Music for this episode from here.


  1. ஓ! பாட்டாவே படிச்சுட்டீங்களா.

    I watched it one and kinda liked it but wouldn’t watch it again.

    Regarding the ‘force-fit’ manipulation, Dulquer tells Nithya as much doesn’t he?
    That he wants to resist feeling emotional obligation, that his grandfather is nudging him to do (the conversation when he is hospitalized).

    It comes across as a moment in their relationship when she seems a little put off by how balanced he is able to be.
    We recall, her feelings for him kinda started when he remained calm when her fiance misbehaved with him.
    I particularly liked how such a shade of same-personality, different reactions, depending on stage of relationship, was conceived and executed.

    Reminded me of an excellent moment in Woody Allen’s “Another Woman”
    Gena Rowlands (defending Ian Holm): he just handled a difficult situation very well
    Gene Hackman: Too well, don’t you think?

    I agree the film ended a little too conveniently.
    But to hold that against the film much, is a bit off from what the film was pitching for in the first place.

    btb Kannada remake starring PrakashRaj has just released.
    Just imagine him saying: “eda mandoose!”
    பல்லெல்லாம் கூசுது!

    • tlc_admin tlc_admin

      Thanks for listening! We talked about that bit of self reflexiveness / meta conversation in the hospital between Faizi and Shahana ( lost somewhere in editing I suspect). Lovely parallel with Woody. And I think we will all safely avoid the Kannada remake.

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